Melina goes GREEN

To lessen Melina’s House environmental impact:

   Environmental considerations are included in all our family’s decisions.

   “Coco-mat sleep on nature” system is one of the offers that make us feel proud. The company has almost zero carbon footprint, the recycling rate reaches 96% and it supports sustainable development.

   We recycle paper, plastic, glass, batteries and printer ink.

   We use reduced energy consumption LED lighting in all areas and double-glazed windows in each apartment.

   We utilize solar energy for water heating purposes and reduce loss with insulation of transfer pipes. We decrease the waste of water in the showers of the rooms using water pressure reducers.

   We use the magnetic key cards as in room enables sin order to stop the operation of all electronic devices (except the refrigerator) when the guest is absent.

   We have installed a sensor switch which turns the AC off when the balcony door is open in two of our apartments.

   We have established a connection with the treatment plant of Chania.

   We choose the biodegradable solution of environmentally friendly products where it’s feasible.

   We promote the use of natural personal care products offering olive oil products from the local company ABEA.

   We offer to you either homemade products or we have supplied them by locals. We buy products mainly from local professionals and producers to reduce the environmental footprint of goods transport and boost the local economy. We follow the same daily routine as in our own home!

   We respect the nature and biodiversity of our area, being aware of the flora and fauna of our community. We take care of the stray animals in our neighborhood, conserve our small garden and keep the beach clean by participating in collective activities during the winter.

   We encourage our guests to explore our pace by environmentally friendly means, using public transport, bikes or on foot and provide information on walks, cycle routes and bus timetables.

Earth loves us and we do too!

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