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Adonis and Melina have explored diverse areas in Chania with their family and they humbly suggest the best restaurants, cafeterias, and cocktail bars.

Dounias Educational Farm - Traditional Gastronomic Center of Cretan Nutrition

Drakona, Keramia, Chania
26km / 35 minutes by car

“Dounias” is a traditional tavern in the mountains of the prefecture of Chania, in the village Drakona. It is a gastronomic center of Cretan nutrition, as the owner and chef, Stelios Trilyrakis, calls it. In “Dounias” the philosophy of eco-gastronomy (slow food) reaches its peak, since everything is used for the preparation of food, has been produced and collected from their orchards and farms. Not only is Cretan cuisine at the forefront, but also the traditional way of living. It is found in the preparation way of the meals, as the “goods” of technological development have been replaced with wood stoves, wood ovens and stoves. It is a tavern from a bygone era, in which even if you have not lived, “Dounias” makes you miss it.

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Thalasino Ageri

35 Vivilaki str, Tabakaria, Halepa – Chania 10km / 22 minutes by car

In the neighborhood known as Tabakaria, which is in the old quarter of Halepa you will find the most scenic restaurant in the city of Chania, right on the beachfront. The “sea air” is a renowned secret for gourmet lovers, perfect for a romantic dinner with the splashing waves beneath. The sea view is magnificent, and the Mediterranean cuisine will tempt even the most discerning customers. Fresh fish, well-cooked octopus and squid, lobster with pasta, whitebait, unique sea urchin salad, bread and salads served amidst the sea breeze provide all those unique details contribute to the best meals in the city of Chania.

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To Stachi Bio Slow Food

Defkalion, Epimenidou 5, Chania
9km / 20 minutes by car

This is a vegetarian, vegan and gluten free traditional restaurant in the Old Port of Chania! It is a family run restaurant which offers a variety of homemade traditional vegetarian cuisine like Boureki or stuffed leaves with rice and aromatic herbs or vegan Moussaka with almond milk bechamel and many other dishes. Depending on the season, the menu changes because they are fond of using fresh Cretan seasonal ingredients. Both the salad and the side dishes are prepared on the spot and fresh organic whole wheat bread is baked every day. It is in a side street with park with playground and sea view and it has a small bookstore.

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The Monastery of Karolos (Kibar)

Chatzimichali Daliani 22, Chania 9km / 17 minutes by car

It is one of the most beautiful bars of Chania, as it steals the show with its wonderful scenery, which is “hidden” in a former Venetian monastery of the 16th century with a flowered inner courtyard and the focus is the side bar, which sets the mood with imaginative vegan cocktails and happy music!

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Gramvousa Restaurant

Kaliviani, Gramvousa Kissamos, Chania
39km / 40 minutes by car

Make a tasty thought! Gramvousa restaurant is in the village of Kaliviani before you reach the Balos lagoon. The nature and tradition are preserved untouched by the passage of time. The values of a good meal are hidden in timeless recipes that convey the secrets of pure and genuine traditional Cretan cuisine from generation to generation. Only the purest products are used, such as fresh vegetables, Cretan virgin olive oil, thyme honey, authentic traditional spices, as well as the finest meats of Cretan cuisine. The family of Gramvousa knows that fruits are basic and integral components of a proper and balanced diet. Therefore, 300kg of fruits are offered in their traditional “wagon”, so that each visitor can taste as much as nature generously offers daily.

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Kouzina E.P.E

Daskalogianni 25, Chania
8km / 15 minutes by car

Kouzina EPE is in the historic area of ​​Splantzia, in the old town of Chania. Its flavors are based mainly on the Cretan and Mediterranean diet using local pure products and raw materials. Traditional and forgotten recipes of the past Cretan cuisine are combined with the current urban cuisine, in the modern space and the hospitable atmosphere of the restaurant. The daily food is freshly homemade depending on the season and the adequacy of the products and it is listed on the blackboard of the main hall of restaurant. This is the philosophy of Kouzina EPE. In other words, they desire being able to offer their client the opportunity to include in his daily diet the pluralism of the Cretan-Mediterranean diet.

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Feidias Café & Bar

Plateia Eleutherias 2, Dikastiria Area, Chania
9km / 20 minutes by car

Feidias is housed in a neoclassical building of 1915 and it has view in the historical liberty square. Its menu is rich in delicious creations of international creative cuisine. From your first morning coffee, to your lunch break, your cocktail night, your fine dining, your wine testing, and your special tasty gourmet events the spot is always the same! Create memorable moments along with good taste and good company at your all day urban spot!

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Kipos Coffee

Stratigou Tzanakaki, Chania
9km / 15 minutes by car

The Historic Cafe “Kipos” has been operating since 1870 as a reference point of the city of Chania, of important personalities of letters, arts, and politics. Today it continues to provide high quality services, with also art events, gastronomic festivals, literary, music, theatrical & anniversary nights. The Cafe also hosts a rare exhibition of historical photography with the history of the place, which also highlights the culture of the Cretan State.

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Zampeliou 49, Chania 9km / 17 minutes by car

We cook since 1982 for people from all over the world! Our recipes have been inspired by the Greek family Sunday meals, traditional food that we eat at home with our beloved ones. Careful selection of top-quality local products and personal care has made Tamam a sought after restaurant in the Old Port of Chania. The building where the restaurant is situated was built around 1400 AC by the Venetians to operate as a public bath.

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Alexi Minoti, Venizelos Tombs – Chania 14km / 25 minutes by car

Koukouvaya, a favorite meeting place, located in Profitis Ilias, next to the Tombs of Venizelos. Thousands of visitors, locals, and foreigners, loved the sweet creations and enjoyed the hospitality, gazing at the endless blue, the unique view of the Venetian port, the idyllic sunset. The “zoumero”, the igloo, the sweet of Merope, some of the famous sweets, are made with secret recipes, endless taste and love, with exceptional quality pure ingredients.

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Kafenio Sto Scolio

Anidri, Selino, Chania
71km / 80 minutes by car

The school in Anidri was closed in 1970 and for the last 20 years the “Kafenio Sto Scolio” has been operating in its place, which has been created with love and passion from the owner and his wife. Sitting in the shade of a 300-year-old olive tree overlooking the Anidri Gorge and the Libyan Sea, you enjoy Simone’s inspirations that change day by day.


Skoufon & Kondilaki str, Chania 9km / 17 minutes by car
One of the most beautiful open-air cafe bars in the alleys of the Jewish quarter, in the old town of Chania. It is nestled in the ruins of an old Jewish Synagogue, the mystical atmosphere of the time and the special music choices will fascinate you. As for your entertainment, enjoy foreign selected music in the big bar, and pure Art Greek music in the small Bar.

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Daskalogianni 52, Chania 9km / 17 minutes by car

Ride is a friendly Café bar, that provide the opportunity to hire a cycle, includes a workshop and is based on Chania old harbor. It is all about the bike, music and good beer.

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16 Aggelou str, Old Port – Chania 9km / 15 minutes by car

Fagotto is in a beautiful Venetian building of the XV century, in the heart of the city of Chania. It started operating in 1978 and is one of the first authentic jazz bars in Greece with jazz, swing, and blues music.

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Akti Tompazi 15, Chania 9km / 17 minutes by car

PALLAS boasts modern, quirky styles. The building that houses PALLAS is, truly, a living piece of the history of Chania. Located in one of the nicest parts of town, it was built in 1830. Fresh, traditional Cretan products are the heart of PALLAS’s cuisine and become the basis for creating dishes with a modern Mediterranean twist.

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Bougatsa Chanion

Apokoronou 37, Chania
8km / 15 minutes by car

In Bougatsa Chanion, the traditional bougatsa a pie filled with cheese is made with real pure materials by Mr. Antonis for many years according to the art and the tradition that he keeps from the era of Ottoman rule.

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Agora, Chania 9km / 15 minutes by car

At the west gate of the “Agora” the restaurant offers since 1928 the most popular tripe of the town and even today it is served from 4:00 in the morning. The main feature of the shop is that the skewers for the kontosouvlia and kokoretsia are set up early and a barbecue is prepared for the ribs.

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Agyia Lago, Chania 9km / 17 minutes by car

Relax and enjoy with the view and the wonderful coolness of the green, coffee, drink, small meals prepared for you with great taste and love. Next to the artificial lake of Agyia where it offers a wonderful natural beauty and hosts as a refuge about 170 species of birds.

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Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete - Restaurant

18th km National Road Chania – Omalos, Fournes Area, Chania
17km / 25 minutes by car

The restaurant of the Botanical Park is a unique combination of taste and natural exploration. It is certified with the “quality mark of Cretan cuisine” of the inter-prefectural company and it is a reference point in the taste map of the refined restaurants of Chania and Crete. It offers authentic local flavors in an ala carte menu and you have the chance to relax on the restaurant balconies. Each visitor enjoys the hospitality of the park family, the magnificent view of the natural landscape and the fresh food cooked with raw materials from their vegetable garden, with herbs and fruits of the park.

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Deykalion and Ikarus, Chania 9km / 17 minutes by car

Crisostomos philosophy is to prepare original Cretan dishes cooked in the wood oven made with appetite and authentic Cretan quality materials mainly taken from the land of Sfakia. Friendly service along with the decoration of traditional tools and objects will make you feel the hospitality and warmth of the Cretan household. Lambs and sheep from Sfakia, fresh dairy products, extra virgin Cretan olive oil, are some of the materials we use. We have been awarded with the Greek Cuisine Award, by the institution “Chrisoi Skoufoi” and by the independent institution ‘Greek Cuisine Awards’.

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Melinas House - Chania, Crete
Melinas House - Chania, Crete
Melinas House - Chania, Crete
Melinas House - Chania, Crete
Melinas House - Chania, Crete
Melinas House - Chania, Crete
Melinas House - Chania, Crete

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