Route Theriso - Drakona

The tour begins with the passage in the canyon of Theriso. You will be amazed forth in landscape and vegetation that dominates in this magical place! There aren’t   few times when group person makes climbing the cliffs of the gorge.

Extends approximately 6 km, is quiet and has a lot of shade. For this reason it is appropriate for such activities! The gorge ends where the village begins Theriso. The village is also gorgeous. There exists also the headquarters of Venizelos, which is a museum now and you can visit it. There are several restaurants and cafes. Feature of the village beyond the tranquility, greenery and traditional architecture , is the historic church of the Assumption . In mid-August the village celebrates and is full of crowded , traditional food, dance and music ! 

Continue your excursion to the village Drakona. You will make a path that forever be etched in your mind! The road is rural. You will pass through farms, small woods and mountains, knowing another aspect of the city of Chania.

Arriving in the village you will see a small community of houses inhabited mainly by rural families. In the central square of the village is the historic church of St. George. In this square each summer perform the "feast of honey", where the entire square is filled with traditional food, dance and music. Within a few minutes you will find hidden in the trees the old school and the playground of the village and if the path was a bit tedious, there are two traditional restaurants nearby where you can rest. 

This excursion in inland of Chania you can make by car, motorcycle or even for the more adventurous by bike.

The tour can be done in reverse, from Drakona to Theriso.

On the way you will encounter the monument of national resistance in the village of Panagia .

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