The city of Chania

According to most Greeks, the city of Chania is the most beautiful city in Greece. It is not surprising that in recent years the city of Chania is voted as the No.1 destination in Greece. After a visit to the city, you will agree!

The city of Chania combines tradition and comfort, tourism and culture. It suits to different kinds of people. You can chat, drink and dance all night, at the exciting night clubs of the city. Or, you can relax and escape from everyday life, walking through the elegant streets of the Old Town.

For thousands of years, the city of Chania has been a place where East meets West, and different cultures coexist harmoniously. Minoans, Ancient Greeks, Venetians, Arabs, Saracens pirates, Ottoman Turks and modern Greeks, have all left their mark on the city's unique personality.

During the last thirty years, the development that has took place at the famous resorts of Platanias and Stalos of Agia Marina, located just a few kilometers outside the city of Chania, has made the area of Chania one of the most important destinations in the Mediterranean .

The Old Town of Chania

The Venetian Harbour is the heart of the Old Town of Chania. Starting your walk from the west end of the Venetian Fortress you will meet the Fortress of Firka, where Greek rebels where imprisoned during the Turkish occupation. Firkas houses the Naval Museum, which, besides the very interesting exhibits, it offers a great panoramic view of the harbor. Near the Fortress of Firka, and the opposite side of the harbor, you can see the Old Breakwater and the Arab Lighthouse.

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